To place an order, click on the 'Submit a New Order' button and fill out the order request form. We will get back to you with pricing and the order details within an hour.

To view a received quotation, click on the 'Quotation Received' button in the QUOTATION tab.

To confirm the quote, click on the 'Accept Quotation' button provided in the quotations details page. If you are unhappy with the quotation and want us to rework on it, please click on the 'Revise Quotation' button.

Click on 'Download Quotation' in the quotations details page to view and open the quotation in PDF format.

You can track the status of your order from the 'MY ORDERS' tab. Click on the concerned order to check the progress of that assignment.

Once your order is delivered, we will send you a notification email with a link to download the files. Just click on the link and it will direct you to the respective order page inside the ORDERS DELIVERED tab.

Delivered files are deleted from the server after 30 days. If you wish to view those files again, please email our client servicing team at business@ulatus.com.

Yes, you can inform the client success team about your requirement of a certificate of translation (COT) and they will upload it along with the delivered files to your MyPage account.

Within the orders delivered tab, go inside the respective order which you want us to rework on and click on 'Send file for revision'.

You can access your pending payments as well as payment history from inside the Payments page.

We accept card payments (done via PayPal) and bank transfers.

Please email us at payments@ulatus.com and we will immediately resolve any issues you are facing with respect to payment.

Please email us at payments@ulatus.com with your requirements. We will share the customized invoice as per your needs.

You can edit the payer name before you download the invoice from the 'Outstanding Payments' tab.